ArtWorks For You


Apply for the eight week “ArtWorks For You” program with me as a lead instructor with you in the classroom & in the field!

Click here for the link to apply.

Salute to ArtWorks for Milwaukee for the opportunity to collaborate!

This is the ‪#‎ARTLife‬!

– Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

ArtWorks For You

Br(OK)en Genius 2016

I am cultivating new artwork for Br(OK)en Genius 2016.
Stay tuned to for more insight! Our manifesto has been recreated & our store has my fine art photographs for sale! 

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

43 Voices Opening (Live Streaming)

The “43 Voices” exhibition has its official opening on Friday, March 27th at Arts @ Large from 5PM – 10PM. I am showcasing a fine art photograph that is for sale during the exhibition called “Conflicted Interests”.

The exhibition will consist of 43 art pieces where 23 of them are produced by local Milwaukee youth & 20 by artists from Milwaukee & far abroad. The name of the exhibition refers to the 43 students who disappeared in Guerrero, Mexico. 43 Voices will be open from March 27th to April 9th with community programming to take place throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Special thanks to co-curator Pam Nanet for the invite! 


Click here for the live stream of the #43Voices gallery opening at Arts@Large!


The live stream starts at 4:30 PM so tune in & I look forward to seeing you there or hearing about you seeing me there. Be sure to use the hashtag #43Voices!




Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.



Beauty In Bloom : Salon Stories

Today, I will be along side Beauty Masters at the Milwaukee Art Museum during Beauty In Bloom! I will be showcasing a commissioned series called “Salon Stories” that will be hung in the Beauty Masters salon after the four days of Beauty In Bloom are over. I am selling limited edition prints of the 10 signed photographs on site for $100 & the prints will be mailed within two weeks. Lastly, Simmone Stovall, owner of Beauty Masters, & myself will be conducting a lecture at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Friday, March 27th at 3PM in the Lubar auditorium. Our lecture will be called “The Perception of Beauty”. Learn more about Beauty Masters & about Beauty In Bloom at the Milwaukee Art Museum by clicking the links!



Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

Justified Art! Opening In Madison, WI 

Justified Art!

This exhibition opens up as of today & I have a piece from the “Br(OK)en Genius” collection in the exhibit which is called “Darkest Womb”. The piece is for sale. Be sure to come to Gallery Night in Madison, WI for a creative outpouring of ideals that surround this topic on May 1st! I will be in attendance & I look forward to seeing you as well!



Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

Art Madness @ RedLine MKE!

ART Madness - RedLine MKE (March 7th)
             ART Madness – RedLine MKE (March 7th)


You are invited to Art Madness, taking place on March 7th from 12PM – 3PM, at RedLine MKE!

Art Madness is a showcase event featuring local & regional arts, education & cultural institutions. It is geared toward people who love art, artists, high school / college students & families.

I will be doing an electronic book signing for my new eBook “Memoirs & Visions“. For those who commit to purchasing the eBook, a limited edition print, signed & numbered, will be distributed along with it. I will also be selling the BGMKE DVD as well!

As a RedLine MKE alumni, I must also implore you to support this great organization. There is more to come between RedLine MKE & myself so stay tuned.

Special thank you to Lori, Jeanne & Steve!




Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.



Memoirs & Visions Review

Thankful to the Shepherd Express platform and the words of Selena Milewski. Check the link to read the review of my new eBook called “Memoirs & Visions”:


The Review Of Memoirs & Visions


For iPad & Mac users, purchase “Memoirs & Visions” here: iBooks Store

For Kindle users & smartphone users who can download the free Kindle app, purchase “Memoirs & Visions” here: Kindle Store


Memoirs & Visions eBook
Memoirs & Visions eBook


Be sure to pick up your copy of this week’s Shepherd Express today also!


Special thanks to the Milwaukee Art MuseumRedline Milwaukee & the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center for being an integral part of my story.





Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

Memoirs & Visions Released

I’ve released my first published book electronically called “Memoirs & Visions”! It’s available for purchase for only $4.99!

My book is an autobiography, a book of poetry as well as an art book all in one. I expound upon how art is a reflection of life by sharing my life’s details with his literary and visual artistic works.

The eBook is available for purchase on the Kindle and iBook stores! It can be downloaded onto Kindle eReaders or through the Kindle app for smartphones,, or download it through the iBooks store for iPads and Macs,

Review the whole press release, please click here!

#ARTLife #BROKENGENIUS #MemoirsAndVisions

C.M.P. / Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

Br(OK)en Genius Talkback

With so much momentum surrounding Br(OK)en Genius, Translator opened the doors of its lab space for more dialouge! Some artists from the cast of Br(OK)en Genius will be on site to engage with the audience in attendance as we talk about the journey, the process, the finished product, the impact as well as having DVDs of the performance for sale!

Meet us at Translator, 415 E. Menomonee Street, from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM for FREE!

Click here for more details! 





Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.