Art Madness @ RedLine MKE!

ART Madness - RedLine MKE (March 7th)
             ART Madness – RedLine MKE (March 7th)


You are invited to Art Madness, taking place on March 7th from 12PM – 3PM, at RedLine MKE!

Art Madness is a showcase event featuring local & regional arts, education & cultural institutions. It is geared toward people who love art, artists, high school / college students & families.

I will be doing an electronic book signing for my new eBook “Memoirs & Visions“. For those who commit to purchasing the eBook, a limited edition print, signed & numbered, will be distributed along with it. I will also be selling the BGMKE DVD as well!

As a RedLine MKE alumni, I must also implore you to support this great organization. There is more to come between RedLine MKE & myself so stay tuned.

Special thank you to Lori, Jeanne & Steve!




Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.



Memoirs & Visions Review

Thankful to the Shepherd Express platform and the words of Selena Milewski. Check the link to read the review of my new eBook called “Memoirs & Visions”:


The Review Of Memoirs & Visions


For iPad & Mac users, purchase “Memoirs & Visions” here: iBooks Store

For Kindle users & smartphone users who can download the free Kindle app, purchase “Memoirs & Visions” here: Kindle Store


Memoirs & Visions eBook
Memoirs & Visions eBook


Be sure to pick up your copy of this week’s Shepherd Express today also!


Special thanks to the Milwaukee Art MuseumRedline Milwaukee & the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center for being an integral part of my story.





Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

Memoirs & Visions Released

I’ve released my first published book electronically called “Memoirs & Visions”! It’s available for purchase for only $4.99!

My book is an autobiography, a book of poetry as well as an art book all in one. I expound upon how art is a reflection of life by sharing my life’s details with his literary and visual artistic works.

The eBook is available for purchase on the Kindle and iBook stores! It can be downloaded onto Kindle eReaders or through the Kindle app for smartphones,, or download it through the iBooks store for iPads and Macs,

Review the whole press release, please click here!

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C.M.P. / Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

Br(OK)en Genius Talkback

With so much momentum surrounding Br(OK)en Genius, Translator opened the doors of its lab space for more dialouge! Some artists from the cast of Br(OK)en Genius will be on site to engage with the audience in attendance as we talk about the journey, the process, the finished product, the impact as well as having DVDs of the performance for sale!

Meet us at Translator, 415 E. Menomonee Street, from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM for FREE!

Click here for more details! 





Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

President Obama Speaks On Art

I wrote an electronic letter to President Obama near the end of 2013 & to my surprise, President Obama responded in early 2014. I wish to share his response with the art community to let them know this: you have purpose.


A Letter From Obama
A Letter From Obama


Creating & manifesting perceptions,

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.


“Memoirs & Visions”

“Memoirs & Visions” will be available on Apple’s iBooks eBook store & on the Amazon’s Kindle eBook store on January 23rd, 2015!


All Rights Reserved © 2014 CMPerceptions LLC.
All Rights Reserved © 2014 CMPerceptions LLC.

This is the story of Christopher McIntyre Perceptions, also known as
C.M.P., a 25 year old American artist, whose story involves struggle,
chaos, heartache, triumph, growth, redemption & transparency on his
rise toward living the American Dream of being a successful, full time
artist. Along with the autobiographical portion of “Memoirs &
Visions”, it is also a book where the poetry as well as the fine art
photographs of Christopher McIntyre Perceptions live. This book is
sure to touch your heart, stir your soul & change your perception on
the life of an artist in the generation of the Millennials.

All Rights Reserved © 2014 CMPerceptions LLC.


Stay tuned!





Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

Br(OK)en Genius Course @ St. Marcus Lutheran School

After months of meetings with St. Marcus Lutheran School’s development team, I am elated to finally be able to announce a partnership between St. Marcus Lutheran School & CMPerceptions LLC. to teach a 9 week course inspired by the production “Br(OK)en Genius”.

This means that the students involved in the unique program will perform at the 2014 St. Marcus Lutheran School Gala in the fashion of how Br(OK)en Genius will be presented at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center on November 21st & 22nd.

Stay tuned for more information.


C.M.P. / Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

Bronzeville Week 2014

As a community minded man, I have a great deal of love for Milwaukee. I come from the Uptown area but have spent a lot of time on the east side of Milwaukee, specifically in the Bronzeville area. Alderwoman Coggs & I have had various conversations about raising the value of this district with various artistic endeavors but I was given an opportunity to activate change at a new level due to my perception as an artist. I am a newly appointed member of the Bronzeville advisory committee at the request of Alderwoman Coggs & I look forward to seeing you during Bronzeville Week!

I will be present on August 2nd as I show support for the community, at the BMO Harris Bank Community Room located at 2745 North Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. on August 4th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. as one of four panelist who will speak about Bronzeville as well as on August 9th as Della Wells & myself will be organizing an art walk throughout various businesses within the Bronzeville district!

For more information, please click here.


C.M.P. / Christopher McIntyre Perceptions