Br(OK)en Genius Cast Announcement

Imagine a living movie where visual art is made larger than life in a performance art center with musicians scoring it live & narration from artists performing spoken word.

This is only scratching the surface of what Br(OK)en Genius will be.

I give to you the identity of the six spoken word artists & three musicians cultivating art within the production of Br(OK)en Genius here!


C.M.P. / Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

Spoken Word @ Summerfield

Pastor Jennifer Emert of Summerfield United Methodist Church has invited me to perform spoken word on Sunday, May 4th at the Summerfield campus downtown! Service starts at 10:30 AM with a BBQ / Potluck after the performance! All are invited!

Summerfield United Methodist Church is located on 728 E. Juneau Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202

Here is a snapshot of my spoken word as well as an interview conducted between myself & Pastor Jennifer.


C.M.P. / Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

Br(OK)en Genius

Along with releasing my autobiographic artbook with poetry called “Memoirs & Visions” in the late Summer / early Fall, I am cultivating an artistic experience to express my life’s story in the form of a case study through four artistic disciplines: Literary, musical, performance and visual art. This two day experience, a solo exhibition in the form of a production complete with 18 fine art photography pieces never before seen, cultivated by myself, will be called “Br(OK)en Genius” taking place on November 21st – 22nd, 2014 at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center from 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM with a gallery reception of the various artworks displayed from the production, available for sale.

This production is proudly sponsored by the following:

The Fellowship Open

Dream Milwaukee

Cain Enterprises

Eagle Flair Graphics & Printing

Old Mount Zion New Jerusalem COGIC

If you are interested in being a partner and / or a sponsor of contempary art history, please contact us at for more information on how you can be an active contributor.

More details will be revealed each new month until November.

Stay close, it’s not far off.

Br(OK)en Genius


Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

The #ARTLife Interview (Extended)

If you are interested in learning more about me & have about 20 minutes to spare, this extended interview is for you:

My five minute interview is located here as well:

The video was shot, cut & sponsored by Final Cut Multimedia.


Christopher McIntyre Perceptions / C.M.P.

AMFM Magazine Issue Release Party

On Thursday, April 10th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm, I personally invite you to check out my artwork as I will be showcasing two pieces of my art for sale at the AMFM magazine release party, as I am one of four artists featured within it.

A panel discussion will take place here as well!


This event is sponsored by the CAVT Collective, featuring artists such as Tyanna Buie, Daniel Fleming, Jason S. Yi, & myself.

The location of the event is:

Charles Allis Art Museum
1801 N. Prospect Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

For more information, click this link:


C.M.P. / Christopher McIntyre Perceptions

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